$100 Million Growth: Our 3 year Turn Around

$100 Million Growth: Our 3 year Turn Around

We are always thrilled to see the growth of our real estate sales volume at the end of every year. That’s obviously how we know we are doing something right. But measuring our development solely by sales volume can mask a number of other areas where there aren’t any growth. As a CEO, that narrow of a view is downright terrifying.

Our biggest advance in the last few years has definitely been in our processes. To be specific, our teamwork procedures and how we collaborate with one another has been the catalyst. Understanding our roles highlights each of our strengths, and analyzes what weaknesses we are experiencing. For example, we created dynamic ways to interact with our team and created ultra-specialized roles within the team, that were designed for peak efficiency. Knowing who we are as a team first, maximizes who we then become as a service provider to our clients.

The Power of Collaboration

From there, we can strategically plan as a team and collaborate at smaller levels on a more frequent basis. The idea is to be in constant search of ways to be better, and more efficient, and to execute with a strong sense of urgency. An all-hands-on-deck mentality and utilizing the right sets of talents, aids in faster growth as well.

Finally, we never lose sight of why we do this job. Our approach is very client-centric and to us, creating an exceptional experience in a real estate transaction can be a very special moment in someone’s life. Helping people – for no other reason. To grow and develop the right way going forward, this is why we never settle. It’s why we are constantly growing.


Kelly Hager


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