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Are you interested in learning from and being inspired by the best Motivational Speakers and Experts? Do you run events and want to save time and energy and find great keynote or motivational speakers for your meetings, functions and team trainings?

Motivations Magazine is the passion project of Cydney O’Sullivan of Motivational Speakers International, a speakers agency representing many of the nation’s top:

– Keynote speakers

– Motivational speakers

– Health speakers and experts

– Wealth and economics speakers

– Business speakers and trainers

– World-class athletes

– Leadership, communications, relationships speakers and trainers

– International world champions

– Innovation and success speakers

– Preeminent thought-leaders

– Celebrities and award winners

– Best selling authors

Many of them are featured in this magazine, enjoy their advice and stories and be inspired!

Motivations has been a labour of love by a lot of very busy people. We are so happy it has fallen into your hands, and our advice to you is to make sure you use it!

You’ll meet extraordinary people from all over the world, sharing their success secrets from an incredible variety of viewpoints and life experiences. .

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Social Marketing Speaker & Best Selling Author
Cydney O’Sullivan

 “The opportunities have never been greater to be a  self-made millionaire as today. But you have to start  … and see it through.”

 Cydney O’Sullivan, “The Millionaire Marketer” is co-founder of the Experts Speaker Network and Motivational Speakers International. She is a passionate speaker and marketer helping others thrive in their fields by teaching fast result solutions to marketing and promotional success.

For most of her career, Cydney has been a business ‘turn around’ expert. In her years as a business, real estate, and stock market investor she has earned millions. Along with her meteoric success, she also made some costly mistakes and these experiences motivated her to become a caring educator to others.

Through her training programs and Motivations Magazine, Cydney has helped thousands of people fulfill their dreams of success and stability. She teaches and consults on business and marketing specifically for speakers and trainers and is motivated to help people grow their businesses on a results-measured basis. As a speaker, coach, and mentor, Cydney’s sense of fun and her ability to simplify complex issues ensure that her events are always entertaining and informative.

Her programs at Experts Speaker Network show how a mix of traditional sales and marketing can work hand in hand with the latest technologies to create powerful systems that foster exponential returns.

Cydney has written several best-selling books on turning value and service into millions, including:
Social Marketing Superstars, Social Media Mystery to Mastery in 30 Days, How to Be Wealthy NOW! 108 Fast Cash Solutions, and Quantum Leap My Life, to name a few.

She also created several training programs including ‘Rocket Your Sales’, ‘Millionaires Academy’, ‘Best Seller Success’, ‘Expert Success Summit’ and ‘Social Superstar Secrets’.