How Feelings Influence Your Success

How Feelings Influence Your Success
Amanda Gore
Amanda Gore


Carl Buechner said that “people will forget what you say, they will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel!”

Do you remember the best boss you ever had?

What made him or her the best?

Wasn’t it that he or she genuinely cared for you and you felt that they were interested in you and your growth?  That you felt they believed in you? And they probably did!

Did you know that belief in your own ability is a better predictor of performance than any skill set? If your boss believes in you – your own confidence and self esteem (feelings) goes through the roof.

Feeling safe at work (or at home) is critical for great performance. It reduces stress, enhances creativity and is essential for a joyful working environment! Operating in a fear based environment obviously does the opposite.

How you feel about your job, your boss, your company, your customers, your colleagues, and your life all determine how happy you are at work – how engaged you are and therefore how successful you are.

How do you make others feel when they interact with you?

It is a critical component of success in leadership, sales, and parenting!

Do they feel recognized, valued, respected, listened to? Do they feel you understand their needs?  That you care?

Customer service is really all about how your customers feel in your environment and after an interaction with you.

Every so often companies think we need to go back to basics – how people feel is THE basic!

Nothing is more important at work or at home than how we feel about ourselves, what we do, and our colleagues and customers.

Wake up and pay attention to how you feel each day. It affects how you make others feel.

By Amanda Gore

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