Are You All Used Up?: Don’t Waste Your Potential

Are You All Used Up?: Don’t Waste Your Potential

Recently I was talking to an amazing person. During our conversation she said something so simple, yet so profound that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

She said, “By the time I am dead, I want to be ‘all used up.’”

“All used up?” I asked. “What do you mean?”

She said that whilst she is alive, she wants to experience and do as much as she can, so there is nothing left for her to do by the time she gets towards the end of her life.

Wow! I got it! That’s exactly how I have been living my life, but I never saw it from the perspective of being “all used up.”


Imagine buying a battery and throwing it out without using all its reserves. Sounds like a ludicrous idea. Why would anyone throw out an unused battery? You wouldn’t, unless it has already expired.

But that’s how the majority of people live… and die. With reserves left in them.

The reserves of all the potential, dreams, and ideas that never came to fruition due to reasons like: not having clarity, fear, lack of time, distractions, and many others.

Make a resolve today that you will do whatever it takes to explore and reach your dreams and potential. There are so many ways through mentoring, coaching, and personal growth initiatives that you can overcome all the above barriers and start living a fuller life.

So many people live and die quietly without making a significant impact, even though they may have had 75 years of living and enough time to do anything they had ever wanted.

Don’t waste the reserves you have. Use them to design the life you want. You always have the choice, so don’t squander your potential.

You were born to win!

Ron Malhotra
The Achievement Strategist™

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