Health: Another Mind-Boggling Perspective

Health: Another Mind-Boggling Perspective


96_Dr. Mike_colorI’m quite sure you understand that our body is immensely complex and ingenious, but can you really grasp the complexity of our CREATION? We can build a rocket and put a man on the moon and we can build and control a nuclear plant (unless a natural disaster decides otherwise) but we are far from understanding the human body.

Health on a cellular level

We can discuss health in many different ways, but let’s look at health on a cellular level.

Our body has an estimated 50-100 trillion cells. That’s more than the stars in our entire galaxy. Now, each and every one of these cells performs a few million chemical reactions per second. So…if you want to know how many chemical reactions there occur in our body any given second, we simply need to multiply 50-100 trillion with a few million. Next time someone asks you if you are busy, you answer: yes, extremely!

Now, each cell has approximately 100,000 receptors on its outer membrane. And the RNA or the messenger of the cell will continuously tell these receptors what the cell needs in order to carry out all its functions, and replenish, repair, and renew itself.

For example, the cell may need vitamin C so the RNA will inform the receptors to get some vitamin C, but if due to our standard American diet or S.A.D., that vitamin C or other essential nutrients is not available, then the cell is forced to utilize less potent, incompatible nutrients.

And what happens if we replace an original with a copy and keep making copies of copies? We can’t read it anymore. The same thing happens on a cellular level and we get degeneration and mutation which then translates into disease and cancer.

But what did we learn here? We learned that as long as we provide our body with all the essential nutrients on a regular basis, the cells can stay healthy and function optimally, and we prevent any so-called disease…right?

So we don’t have to be health freaks, and it’s okay to eat the occasional comfort food but we need to assure that our body receives all essential nutrients daily.

Only the body can heal itself

As you now start to understand the complexity of this human body, do you really believe we are meant to interfere with this creation? Do you believe we are supposed to ingest man-made foods and poisons, and drugs to intoxicate this great gift? Do you think we are supposed to remove limbs and organs to the benefit of our body? Of course not!

Do you think we really need to understand the complexity of all functions and processes of the body? The answer is: NO. And even if we wanted to, we simply cannot and will never be able to comprehend the complexity and magnitude of the workings of our body.

All we need to do is realize that the body knows what it’s doing. The body and every living cell in it, always (from birth to death) strive for perfect health. It’s one of the laws of human life: the law of self-preservation.

All we need to do is LISTEN to our body and put our body in the RIGHT CONDITIONS so that it can heal itself.

C.L.E.A.N. Living

So how do we REGAIN CONTROL of our health? How do we get invincible? How can we be part of that 20% we talked about earlier? How do we achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH? HOW do we put our body in the RIGHT CONDITIONS so it can heal itself? What are these right conditions?

Well, I came up with an acronym. We need to live CLEAN. CLEAN stands for:

Control emotions and feelings,

Listen to the warning signs of your body,

Enough rest, sleep and sunshine,

Active Lifestyle (but no over-stimulation and over-indulgences)

Natural and clean air, water and food.

For a detailed and easy to implement ACTION PLAN on C.L.E.A.N. Living, refer to Dr. Mike’s Book “HEALTH 4 LIFE – User Manual”.


Dr. Mike Van Thielen

Keynote/Motivational Speaker – Author – PhD. Holistic Nutrition

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