Celebration Times Come On

Celebration Times Come On

Anticipate. Participate. Celebrate!

This is a simple instruction for successful living, yet most of us get stuck, or should I say, ‘caught out’ on Step 1- Anticipate.

What is it right now in your present moment that you are anticipating? Is it something you eagerly and excitedly await? Or is it, as I more commonly see reflected, the mundane lowered dose of a ‘fearful’ reality, anticipating the worst and preparing for the negative ‘what if’s’, looking to the example of those who went before and didn’t do well?

Anticipation is our energy of creation in the moment.  If you don’t get that here and now, you had better stop reading and go back to whatever it is that you were doing as nothing will change.

Getting busy in every other direction of your life just demonstrates actively what it is you ‘truly’ anticipate. As we all are with every breath, anticipating what we want or what we don’t, let no confusion be permitted to cloud this basis for being.

As women all over the world, we suppress our personal fears to make room to take on the external fears of all those around us that we love and want to care for—as if we didn’t already have enough to deal with! Crazy I know! We care very deeply, too deeply for some.

No wonder breast cancer is on the increase; our issues are in our tissues. There is no place ‘out there’ to leave our feelings and emotions; they are you. Our breasts are our first deeply personal offerings of love to those delightful little imps we call our own. We give from our heart to the heart of others, yet today in society we are educated and indoctrinated away from listening to our hearts and to ignore our feelings.

Why, when they are the very basis for being and for unifying ourselves with others in harmony?

The mistaken arrogance of Intellect is not intelligence; intelligence is the synergy of heartfelt compassion joined with the clarity of understanding, which requires both heart and brain to be in balance. Genuine love and value for self naturally extends to others in recognition of the unifying power of all. This fulfils our inner aspect, which in turn is the instigator for inspired action, for participating fully in life filled with enthusiasm and positive emotions.

The gift realised is a cohesion and clarity beyond words; it’s a natural celebration of union of the ‘gut’ that perceives, the ‘heart’ that receives, feels and acts together with a ‘mind’ful intelligence of conscious awareness in creation, moment by moment. Now that’s a cause for celebration from the cellular consciousness to the cerebellum.

Throughout your day today bring your own awareness back deliberately to your attention; where is it focused? On something you anticipate with ease and pleasure or elsewhere? If you discover it is elsewhere, breathe intentionally and deliberately, bring your attention back to just this moment as all your future extends forth from this precious present. Let’s ensure it is the best you have to give to yourself. If your thoughts are fearful, play with them as you would lovingly tease and ease those of a child to put them to rest. Until you get the peace in your head, don’t act as all actions extending from fear will only be reactions and there is no joy or wonderment to be found there.

Cohesion cellularly is an inner representation of our belief in our externals, that chaos externally soon gets internalised if we don’t deliberately seek to balance. If you are unknowingly turning on yourself, mentally beating yourself up or listening to others’ opinions lacking value, respect or truth, it is no surprise that each turns on its own in attack/defence without recognising the harm it is doing to self.

Life is a very personal experience and the multitude of opinions creates duality and states of division which is not natural to the body or consciousness, which prefers and maintains integrity at all costs. This self-protection is uniquely veiled self-harm as there is no such thing as a neutral thought. Every thought releases a chemical barrage of neuropeptides resulting in a cascading effect of chemical reactions, inter-actions and responses throughout the human body. (Estimated 60,000 thoughts each and every day.)

So, come on, it’s time to celebrate! You can consciously calibrate simply before you leap into action by getting the emotions lined up first. As you are always anticipating, expect the best and let life surprise you a little or a lot, in all of the best ways!

With Love and In Joy,

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