From Soul Pain to Liberation

“I believe you were born with a unique Soul Note, a powerful energy signature that defines who you are.”

Today, people are looking for fulfillment and deeper meaning to their daily grind, because they know something vital is missing within their personal journey. Yet they have not been encouraged to develop the very skills that will sustain them throughout their lives and help them navigate the highs and lows with more balance and equilibrium.

Instead, social media, aggressive marketing strategies, and social pressure are convincing them they need increased external gratification to make them happy and, as a result, the anguish, disillusionment, and frustration people are feeling across the world has been rising exponentially.

There has never been a time where so many people are using anti-depressants just to survive and step foot outside their doors to feed their families. The media is suffused with constant negative stories of human distress and bizarre behavior. The suffering seems endless with no hope in sight.

Yet there is hope. Lots of hope. You just have to stop for a moment in a state of quietness and you will hear the whispering of your innermost soul trying desperately to guide you out of the abyss.

Beyond all the external factors that consume the mind and control emotions is a deep, inner abiding wisdom emanating from your Core Essence. Essentially it is the individualized stream of consciousness that came through conception and remains to this day as a guiding force in your life, if only you could learn to listen. This hidden aspect of your true self is constantly trying to find a pathway back into your conscious mind and lead you towards functioning from a heart space rather than a head space so you can awaken to your full potential.

When you come to know your full potential from the heart space, you will find a new passion for life, living, and Being, far surpassing that which is on offer in the outside world. Attend to your inner world and the outside world follows.

Uncover the subconscious belief systems, life conditionings, social expectations and judgments to discover who you truly are. This is the path to happiness and personal liberation from the soul pain you have been carrying.

It’s time to stop the insane treadmill of life and discover your inner music—your Soul Note.

Celia Fuller
Wholistic Lifestyle Consultancy

Wholistic Lifestyles

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