It IS About The MONEY!

It IS About The MONEY!

When it comes to “Starting with the End in Mind” today regardless of how old your business is.

No doubt when starting out in business, you will have heard how you should “start with the end in mind”. But what does that mean exactly? It can be really hard to do if you have no context around what the “End” can look like…

But the time does come when you’re over it.

Hard to believe I know, but it happens to the best of us,
The “baby” you nurtured into the thing of beauty it is today eventually has to leave the nest or you have to leave it, one way or the other.

When you’ve got to that point and you’re feeling like you want it all to end is quite often the worst time to start thinking about how to GET OUT, exiting or selling. Hasty decisions made tardily may not be in your best interest. It’s at this time when it’s really easy to just throw in the towel, walk away and “shut up shop”.

Of course you can justify taking this course of action in a variety of ways but the end result is usually the same; all that blood, sweat, tears and money you invested will have been for nothing!

You know (and so do your family and friends) that you’ve spent too much of your precious resource – TIME – on this little baby to not get some sort of payback.

What to do?

There is a better way…

The secret is, if you’re at the stage in your business that is OK for now, but you’ve come to realise it is not what you want to be doing for the rest of your business life, that’s the time to plan your EXIT. Do it while you still “like” each other (you and the business that is!) before it deteriorates to ugly divorce levels, where you just cut your losses and run.

It’s time to get strategic about how to do that, making the necessary adjustments and finding that special someone who will love it as much as you once did.

Whether your business is online, offline or a hybrid of the two, the fundamentals still apply:

  1. Does it generate traffic? (marketing)
  2. Does it have an engaged database? (sales)
  3. Does it deliver on the promise? (fulfillment | service)
  4. Does it generate revenue and profit? (metrics)

If the answer is “no”, or even “I don’t know”, then there is work to be done to make it “saleable” or to be more accurate, “buyable”.

 By Denise Hall

Denise Hall Denise Hall 
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