How to be ADMIRED – the Winning Formula to Success

How to be ADMIRED – the Winning Formula to Success

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Whether your definition of success is reaching that dream job, maximising sales to your target market, attaining the desired Net Profit or fulfilling your personal goals, there is a common thread to success.

In my motivational speeches I go through the essential guide to success, as over the journey I have succeeded in reaching my goals in higher education; Economics/Law and teaching, in sport becoming a Triple World Champion, in public speaking; in the form of international TV commentary to millions and many guest speaking engagements, facilitating event management and providing sales of a variety of goods and services.

The above seem to be a wide and varied range of activities, which it may well be, but the outcomes are attainable when you know the formula to success.

Over the journey I have used my formula, encompassed in the acronym ADMIRED,  which I now wish to share with you to enable you to succeed on all levels of a personal and business nature.

From my experience let me touch on the ‘D’ for dedication, including determination or having the will power.

My talent was never overwhelming, my technique for years had flaws but to overcome these flaws, even world champions noted I was an expert in determination. How do you cultivate this attribute? In a variety of ways, one of which is to harness the negative energy thrown at me by others by being absorbed and used, not for revenge but as empowerment by reinforcing a steely resolve. But this on its own, will not create a real determination. Couple that with an inherent interest and love for the tasks at hand, a thirst for knowledge and a liking for an unknown adventure (entrepreneurship) you can visualise your goals and achieve them.

I remember on at least two occasions, when so called experts said to me, do not pursue your sport as the others are too good or you have not got the talent. It was difficult to hear but my belief system, thankfully, did not listen and I went on to win more different types of national titles and compete in more different disciplines of world championships than any other person.

Robby Foldvari Motivations MagazineRobby Foldvari is a world renowned authority on billiard sports culminating in three World Championships. He is known for his will to win and his transferring of  fundamental skills to different disciplines of the game  to the highest level. Robby’s formula of transferring skills has also been successful in his other pursuits such as Business Management, Coaching and Teaching. All of this has led Foldvari to an amalgam of unique achievements highlighted by the fact he has competed in more classes of world championships than any other player.

His philosophy on teaching and learning transcends sport to all walks of life and he shares the stories and strategies of his experiences of travelling for over 30 years and performing in dozens of countries as a public speaker, player, trick shot entertainer and coach.

Robby also provides a unique addition to his speaking by performing trick shots and team building activities. Billiard Tables can be provided. No prior knowledge is required to enjoy this opportunity to be further entertained while building relationships.

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