Yes You Can! Improving Health and Wellbeing Through Behaviour Change

Yes You Can! Improving Health and Wellbeing Through Behaviour Change
Stavroula Zandes
Stavroula Zandes

Quite often we think about changing a behaviour that will improve our health and wellbeing. We may try on our favourite jeans, and remind ourselves “to cut back on the chocolates”.

We may start to cough in the morning and tell ourselves, “It’s time to quit”.

Or we run after the bus, feel out of breath and think, “It’s time to exercise”.

There are many reasons we consider changing our behaviour, but making the change is often difficult.

So what gets in the way?

  1. Lack of want, or strong desire to change

The key to successful behaviour change is making the decision that you want to change.

When you desire to change, it creates commitment and when you’re committed, you’re more likely to put in the effort.

  1. Lack of knowledge

If you don’t know how to change or what to do, you’re less likely to be successful.

Knowledge is power, so if you don’t know, find out!

Seek out the information you need, speak to people who have already achieved what you desire to change, and put some strategies into action.

  1. Lack of belief in one-self

When you don’t believe that you are capable of achieving the change you desire, you are less likely to make the change.

Henry Ford summarises this quite nicely, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Change your mindset, believe in yourself and move forward with confidence.

  1. Lack of action

Unfortunately most of us want results without taking any action. We want the change and we want it now, but change requires time and consistent effort.

Once you’ve have made the decision, be consistent every day with the new behaviour.

Before you know it, the new behaviour will become quite routine and natural – this is what we’re ultimately aiming for, where it becomes part of our daily life.

Change is possible

Most people make numerous attempts to change. This is a normal part of the behaviour change process and doesn’t mean you have failed.

Whilst you may feel that returning to your former behaviour is not what you had hoped for, it is important to learn from the experience and start again. Think about what led you back and what you could do next time.

Take regular steps every day towards your goal, and in good time, you will achieve what you desire with satisfying results.

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