What Stops Us From Being Financially Successful?

What Stops Us From Being Financially Successful?
Andrew Barsa
Andrew Barsa

Have you ever wondered why so many people never become financially successful?

After coaching thousands of people globally i found the question above was on the minds of many people and they wanted to know the answer

People are working extremely hard; they start a number of businesses or spend thousands of dollars on education and don’t get there.


The reason is most people don’t have the right mindset; most people have a negative relationship with money, selling and have very little self-worth.

Think about it?

In some cultures it is taboo to talk about money, think about all the negative things you heard about money growing up, most people don’t value money and have been told many times throughout their life that it is hard to obtain and you have to be lucky to get it.

Most people are consumers and not investors, people purchase things that fall in value rather than grow in value.

Success and Wealth is a psychology, it is a certain way of thinking and behaviour. The problem is the school system never taught us on the importance of creating more than one income, how to manage our money, how to deal with pressure or setbacks. We were never taught the life skills that we need in life.

Many people don’t want to associate themselves as being a sales person without realising that selling is only an exchange of goods and services and without it we have no economy. There is nothing wrong with selling as long as you are providing value to the market.

So many people ask me, how can i become more successful? Or how can I make more money?

Its simple become a person of value; create a need to be wanted as an individual or as a product

The best entrepreneurs in the world are always selling their products, services and visions. I encourage people all over the world to learn how successful people think, identify what they do different to everybody else.

Many people have told me that they don’t feel worthy of success or wealth.

This level of worthiness has determined your fundamental belief in what you deserve and moulds the very self-image which you project to the world. This image shapes how you perceive the world and how the world perceives you. This image predetermines your success in life, the quality of your relationships, your monetary worth, the perceived level that you are loved and the level of your happiness.

Though the term Worthiness is applied broadly, people have varying levels of worthiness in the primary areas of their life, namely health, vocation, relationships, mind, social standing, spirituality and finance. In each area you can transform your levels of worthiness by creating a new paradigm of belief with new experiences. The accumulation of those experiences replaces the values you have assigned to your current beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change your mind’s image of yourself and how the world will value you.

Once you realise that all the wealth of the world has not changed it simply circulates and acquired by those who can possess and manage it. Your purpose is clearly to acquire the skills necessary to properly manage wealth. Money – despite all our imposed expectations and beliefs – has no personality and plays no favourites and simply moves to those who believe that they deserve it. Abundance simply has waited patiently for you to transform your image and your current reality of limitation to embrace all that life can offer you.


Richard Branson and Andrew Barsa
Richard Branson and Andrew Barsa

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