The Alchemy of Turning Tough Times into Pure Gold

The Alchemy of Turning Tough Times into Pure Gold


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The idea of putting people in situations of discomfort -as people like myself relish in doing – is to learn how to put positive imprint on tough times. Then when we face them out in the world, our physiological responses remain parasympathetic (calm and steady) and our mental/emotional state obediently follows. Ultimately arriving at a place where a smile may even arise when the shits about to hit the fan. What we see before us no longer a mess to clean up but inspirational fodder for our strategic mind to play with. This is one of the foundational tools necessary for removing self-manufactured or conditioned blockages so we can move toward an ecstatic and successful existence.

When we first begin to become aware of our power to make paradigm shifts, it’s not serenity in discomfort we initially notice, what we see looks more like anger, fear, blame and frustration. That’s okay. The rise of emotions during our walk toward a better life reveals what’s being held within, showing us what needs to go. If we open our eyes we begin to see the private border patrol, we ourselves have set-up, restricting entry to our own unlimited potential. Once we can see it, we can take sledgehammer to it. Then we can build it into something useful.

Other humans are fantastic opportunities for growth. Not only can humans be utterly nonnegotiable but there are so many of them! We’re surrounded by 7.2 billion opportunities to learn and to grow. There are egos and agendas (particularly in the workplace) – nasty things that wrap a tight weave around a person’s capacity to acknowledge or even see the truth of a situation. So it’s up to you.

When you come across people like this in your life (or perhaps discover shockingly, that this is you), an opportunity is being presented to explore creative ways to resolution, including shifts inside yourself that may be part of the problem. Instead of allowing the roaring force of your own ego to shout directions to either divide and conquer or run and hide, sit calmly and truthfully in your own power. This kind of strength, free from emotion, commands respect – and for those who simply don’t have it in them yet to respect, walk away. Don’t get caught up in liking people or not liking people, let that be irrelevant. Set for yourself a high standard of treatment for yourself and others, and honour it regardless if someone is a ning nong or a legend. Respectfully invite them in or respectfully bow out.

Compare any stress or suffering you face to the Zen Stick (keisaku). A couple of swift whacks on the back by senior Zen Monk to a student whose focus is waning, alertness returns and they’re back on board the bus to enlightenment. Situations or people that challenge us are our Zen sticks. They provide us a stinging moment of fortune to find a way back to a truer, more blissful place; less likely to be destabilized as quickly next time, as body and brain tap into deeper resources of wisdom and fortitude. Shift your perspective and learn to high five difficult situations and difficult people.

Next time your best-laid strategies take a downturn, take a deep breath, nod, smile, think creatively, and enter stage left shining like an absolute rock star.

Lissie Turner is a skilled and supportive Communicator, Yoga Teacher and Facilitator of Change. For more on how to find the joy and curiosity in challenge, to communicate more courageously, to make no-nonsense connections, turn injury into opportunity, how to shine not just survive and so much more, book Lissie Turner for your next speaking event. Corporate, Women’s groups, Sporting/Industry Associations, Parenting Groups, Networking Events all embraced with enthusiasm and excitement.

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