Happy To Be …. Me!

Happy To Be …. Me!

The simple power of touch, conveying the message of love, I saw hard at work in Aceh, Indonesia shortly after the horrific Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 where 200,000 lives were lost almost instantly. Words cannot convey the depth of pure love and connection I experienced there. I recall one young girl specifically, one sweet angel maybe in her early 20’s holding my hand,  clinging to it not for reassurance and safety as you might expect in the circumstances, she was clinging to it to give me her gift; her gift of love. She radiated her thankfulness, her gratitude, her appreciation and looked at me with soulful eyes expressing her blessings at my being present to help her. It was and is a moment in time that I will never forget.

How she could be among all that suffering, devastation, turmoil and angst that left her without home and family, yet here she was offering me all she had, offering me all her love? I have to tell you that I didn’t feel worthy of it. In that moment I felt the fraud, she was thanking me for being there yet I knew my stay there was finite and that I would be leaving, going back to my home of comfort and loved ones and I would be leaving her.

Energy is relayed as in-formation and is in-forming literally! You are made from the inside-out. It is from our infinite inner space, our consciousness, that the entire world exists, interconnected, interwoven dynamic intelligence. We have an ache, a longing, a hunger for something else, a reality that our normal lives don’t provide but our intuitive senses yearn incessantly for; the MORE of our existence. We are homesick for who we are!

Just as moths are instinctively drawn to the flame, we seek the light in our lives, we seek to be inspired, seeking meaning and purpose and in the process attuning our awareness to an ideal, and as we do we drop the superficial, petty, hollow and insincere cover ups of our being and instead realise the vast, eternal and illuminating and enlightening freedom to simply be. You might say we find our way.

This is the human challenge, to let go and love. This was my personal challenge to surrender to awareness, to surrender to love, the greatest of all to surrender to me; being loving awareness. It had been easier to say, ‘I hate’, instead of ‘I love…’though easier was never fulfilling. The quality of our lives is where we live emotionally.

“There are so many things in life that can lift us up” said Kim Case as she was featured in the television series ‘Surviving Evil’ despite having suffered repeated brutal sexual attacks at the hands of four men who had abducted her. She found her focus on peace in appreciation of the nature around her instead of succumbing to chaos of her torture. She gave thanks for the sun shining and the birds singing that she could attach to and keep her attention temporarily off the violent acts that they were subjecting her body to.

Amazing at such a tender age, she found strength for herself from the strength of others (memories of her mother facing adversity) and sought solace from a gold locket she found, in what science would say is unrelated and meaningless, yet this comfort of a meaningless trinket held meaning to her. The heart represented love to her and a belief that love would see her through, this faith supported her through a horrific experience and today she is living a fulfilling life.

Just like the girl in Aceh who didn’t require circumstances to be right to give love, Kim didn’t need circumstances to be right to give thanks. It certainly helps, although both our heroines demonstrate it’s not a necessity and this reliance on the externals of our lives to be right is much of the cause of our pain and suffering.

‘We all are on two journeys’, one is physical and one is emotional. We may not at times connect the dots and see how we are the creators, intentional or unintentional, of what shows up in life however we are always at choice in how we feel about what shows up. You may be diagnosed with terminal cancer and feel bereft and depressed or you may be diagnosed with terminal cancer and feel hopeful. The conditions are the same, yet the experience of each will be entirely different dependent on the choice of the emotional path. Your feeling states are your internal compass to find your true North, your personal truth, your direction, your way in life.

Living consciously is our power and gives us choices to act in light of the circumstances not leave us powerless to only react to circumstances. Externals will always change, it’s the internals, our emotions and driving spirit, that give us stability, security, and peace.

These personal states are our own domain, our kingdom on Earth. These states are not another’s to violate unless we invite it in to remain and corrupt. The four men that attacked Kim will remain imprisoned behind bars and within their own corrupted minds. You can’t escape your thoughts – ever. Their attempt at taking another’s liberty resulted in the loss of their own.

Science and reason cannot explain the sequencing of events that led up to and beyond both our heroines’ experiences. These are matters of our heart, our faith, our focus, our centeredness- our way of being in the world. We are freedom seeking beings and what we choose to be free of is our self-imposed doubts, fears, limits and man-made constructs of being. We rebel against ourselves to help identify these imposters and threats to wellbeing.

Surrender – Be free of your own and others tyranny.

Let Go – of judgments, hatreds and fears.

Allow – Peace.

Allow space to breathe, allow your own being the ability, the freedom and the joy to be…

For a second, a moment, a fleeting instant just Be – and allow all else to be…

Copyright Rosie Pekar


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