You Know Nothing of What You Are Yet to Remember

You Know Nothing of What You Are Yet to Remember

Non-physical energies are always around us. They permeate every essence of your being. Understood by few for millennia, with the advent of the Internet and the advance in our communications and technology, more and more people are becoming attuned to the vibrational frequencies that the universe transmits and responds to.

As more and more people become aware, the collective consciousness of humanity awakens. More and more questions are answered, and more and more breakthroughs are made.

Your soul knowingly chooses which family it will enter into, before entering the physical. It chooses this life for the experiences and lessons that it needs to progress to a higher level of consciousness in itself.

Your life experiences make up your journey here in the physical plane, a plane that was, as mentioned, chosen by your soul for specific reasons and lessons. Your soul has (most likely) lived in other physical planes before, in different time periods. It may have had many visits here over and over again to gain the same lesson. You see, if it is not learned in this life, it must learn it in another to gain ascendency.

You carry the many lessons that your soul has learned over its many visits to the physical, you may, or may not remember this. The fact remains, that you come knowing more than you imagine, with an access to the infinite wisdom of the universe. All you need do is ask the questions.

Everyone has an access to this, everyone. To the level on which you allow yourself to receive the information, will be the level of understanding and belief that you experience. If you have ever had an experience of carrying out an action which you had a ‘gut feeling’ was not right, this is your ego influencing your decision i.e. you felt it wasn’t the right thing to do, yet you did it anyway.

Your ‘gut feeling’ was your intuition, your connection to source (spirit or the non-physical). We have been conditioned as a society to ignore those little signs, or ‘giving’s’ of information, for the most part to our detriment.

We live in a natural flow of abundance; it is the universal way, when you begin to ‘remember’ what you already instinctively know life becomes infinitely easier, more fulfilling and a blissful existence.


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